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Sprawling from the banks of the mighty Columbia River to the picturesque Blue Mountains, Morrow County is a wildlife and agricultural haven.

Nestled amongst the rolling hills and plateaus of Northeastern Oregon, each of these beautiful communities is rich with history and tradition. World-class hunting and fishing are just two aspects that set this area apart from the rest of the state.  See Oregon’s freshwater “coastline,” with its marinas and water activities. Explore the Oregon Trail, join in the Irish festivities in March or the renowned Blues Festival and July 4th Celebration. Discover the joys of driving without hitting a single stoplight, or ever waiting in rush-hour traffic.

Maybe like us, you’ll discover the further you go from civilization the more civilized, life seems.  Escape to Morrow!

Morrow County, Oregon By the Numbers


2,065 sq. miles (1,318,592 acres).


13,000; growing in areas along the Columbia River.

Climate |  Elevation  |  Topography

The climate is moderate to semiarid; warm and dry in the summer; cool and dry in the winter. A six-month growing season. Average Precipitation is 8 to 18 in.

Temperature: 22°F—100°F 

Elevation along the Columbia: 299´Inland, Highest Mountain: 6,000´.

Topography of Morrow County: Mountains, desert, forest, hills, valleys, and flatlands. Two mountain lakes, seven creeks, one reservoir, and the Columbia River.


Farming, food processing, lumber, energy production, wind farms, bio-fuels, Agri-Industries, River - Rail Container Shipping.


Six elementary, three junior high and four senior high schools serve the county. Blue Mountain Community College - Boardman Campus serves North Morrow residents, while the main campus in Pendleton has programs available to all in Eastern Oregon.

Health Care

Countywide Health District includes three clinics, one hospital, and long-term care assisted living. Columbia River Community Health Services serves Boardman and surrounding communities.


Interstate 84 crosses north county with access to Oregon, Washington, Idaho and beyond. Two airports provide service to the county. The Union Pacific Main Line serves north county with spurs to the Port of Morrow. River traffic includes barge and all types of smaller craft, with marinas in Boardman and Irrigon.


Morrow County Cities


Nestled on “Oregon’s other Coastline,” Boardman is the ideal place to boat, camp, fish, swim, play and picnic.


The “Gateway to the Blue Mountains” and an outdoorsman's paradise.  Join us in March for our St. Patty’s Festivities.


A small community rich in history, agriculture and livestock. Don’t miss the Ione Blues Festival and July 4th Celebration!


Located on the Columbia River and off of Hwy 730, Irrigon boasts a marina, wildlife reserves, skate park and children’s playground.


Take in Morrow’s quiet side. Cruise through Lexington by bike, plane or automobile and refuel and relax.


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